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Download Booklets Straight to Your Device

Download Booklets Straight to Your Device

Fertility Guides

Download Booklets Straight to Your Device

Cover of Fertility Nutrition Book

The Fertile Plate

Prime Nutrition for Conception

This guide empowers women with crucial insights on fertility nutrition by providing the following:

  • Top 10 fertility superfoods and the amount to eat per week or day

  • Eighteen specific nutrients to promote:

    • Egg quality

    • Embryo implantation

    • Uterine lining thickness

    • Ovarian reserve

    • Oxidate stress reduction

    • Hormonal balance

  • Criteria to pick fertility supplements and prenatal vitamins

  • Optimal daily intake (ODI) dosages to make sure you are getting an adequate amount of nutrients

  • How to recognize nutrient absorption issues (without lab testing)

  • Methods to maximize nutrient absorption

  • Top four herbs for fertility

  • Reference chart with fertility nutrients and food sources

  • EWG food source guidelines to reduce toxin exposure

Cover of Fertility Hormone Book

Fertility Unleashed

Balance Your Hormones to Achieve Pregnancy

This guide empowers women with insights on attaining hormonal balance and regulating their period so they can become pregnant. You will gain:


  • Breakdown of reproductive hormones and tackling conditions such as estrogen dominance and luteal phase defects

  • Fertility-promoting techniques to address underlying conditions (PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles)

  • Effective dosing for supplements, including how to improve egg quality

  • Practical strategies to optimize men’s fertility

  • Environmental assessment and tips to reduce exposure to chemicals that affect hormone levels

  • Devising a realistic exercise regimen adapted to your lifestyle

  • Guidance toward selecting fertility providers in Western and Eastern Medicine

  • Investing in the right fertility tools to enhance chances of pregnancy

Cover of Fertility Treatment Book

Frustration to Family

Guide to Modern Fertility Treatments

This guide breaks down the various fertility testing and treatment options and includes:

  • How to screen and find a fertility doctor based on objective data

  • How to prepare for your first fertility appointment

  • Difference in outcomes and procedures: IVF vs. IUI

  • Commonly used oral fertility medications

  • Injectable fertility hormones

  • Side effects vs. adverse effects of medications and treatments

  • Poor responders: alternative options

  • When and how men should test

  • Eastern vs. Western providers

  • Holistic treatment options


About the Author

 Biography and pictures of Jessica Joseph, RN, BSN, MHA

Jessica Joseph, RN, BSN, MHA is passionate about reproductive health and wellness. She is the founder of Guided Fertility, LLC, a fertility navigation service that offers virtual consultations, fertility tools, and educational resources. She has considerable knowledge in the fertility field, has published articles for the website Fertility Outloud, and is a fertility coach for Mira Fertility, where she provides her clients with in-depth hormone analysis based on their Mira hormone data.


She has over a decade of experience working in fertility centers where she assisted with impactful procedures such as IVF and IUI.


Jessica believes there are modifications you can make to optimize your chances of getting pregnant naturally. She has researched this topic extensively and shares her insights during her 1:1 consultations.


Using an integrative approach founded on Western and Eastern Medicine, she educates and empowers confidence in her clients’ decisions through compassion and evidence-based guidance.

Credentials and Training

  • ASRM Certification in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (RN)

  • ANCC Certification in Integrative Health and Functional Nutrition

  • Licensed RN with a Master’s Degree in Health Administration

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