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Fertility Nutrition

Cover of Fertility Nutrition Book
Women eating fertility promoting foods

Functional nutrition targets specific foods that promote wellness and create optimal health. Fertility-promoting foods can address various nutritional needs and enhance the chances of getting pregnant.


A handful of foods contain the highest amount of key nutrients. Eating a minimal amount of these key foods eliminates the need to take certain supplements.


It is important to note that nutritional improvements from eating specific foods and/or consuming key supplements can take at least three months to become effective. As a result, consistency, compliance, and commitment are key.

Woman in a kitchen preparing fertility promoting foods

My goal with this guide is to empower women with crucial insights on fertility nutrition by providing the following:


  • Top 10 fertility superfoods and the amount to eat per week or day

  • Eighteen specific nutrients to promote:

    • Egg quality

    • Embryo implantation

    • Uterine lining thickness

    • Ovarian reserve

    • Oxidate stress reduction

    • Hormonal balance

  • Criteria to pick fertility supplements and prenatal vitamins

  • Optimal daily intake (ODI) dosages to make sure you are getting an adequate amount of nutrients

  • How to recognize nutrient absorption issues (without lab testing) and methods to maximize nutrient absorption

  • Top four herbs for fertility

  • Reference chart with fertility nutrients and food sources

  • EWG food source guidelines to reduce toxin exposure

Fertility Expert Jessica Joseph, RN, BSN, MHA
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