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Sperm Analysis: Home Testing Kits

Sperm and Egg in Uterus

Home fertility testing kits help you take control of your reproductive health and increase your chances of conception.  Thanks to significant advances in the fertility field, there are emerging new products for sperm evaluation that can be done in the comfort of your own home. 


Fifty percent of infertility problems come from issues with men’s reproductive health.  Sperm quality (quantity, movement, and shape), hormones, and reproductive physiology play a role.

The two most important factors when analyzing sperm are:

Quantity: how much sperm men produce

Motility: if the sperm is moving


What The Sperm Test Offers

  1. Convenient: Done at home with semen sample

  2. Private: results sent to your smartphone (Do not have to mail in sample).

  3. Quick: results in 20 minutes

  4. Provides the amount of sperm and how many are moving

  5. Video of your moving sperm, which can be shared with your doctor or kept private

  6. Two tests so can measure results after three months to see if supplements work

  7. FDA-approved and backed by doctors

Men's Fertility Supplements

Men can improve their sperm health through adequate diet and supplements. 


Men’s fertility supplements are ideal for men who meet the following criteria:

Over the age of 30 and trying to conceive

Trying for over six months

Supported by a fertility clinic

Guided Fertility™ evaluated men’s fertility supplements based on the following criteria:


  • Third-party verification for strength, purity, and accuracy

  • Quality combination of essential nutrients to promote sperm health


Based on extensive research, below is our top recommendation:

Beli Men's Fertility Supplement

What The Men's Fertility Supplement Offers:

  1. Key ingredients in optimal doses that improve sperm parameters:

  2. Fertility booster with Shilajit, CoQ10, and Folate

  3. ​Improves sperm motility with Vitamin C, zinc and N-acetyl-L-cysteine ​

  4. Promotes optimal sperm count with Vitamin B12 and L-Taurine

  5. Optimizes sperm and egg fusion with Vitamin D and Vitamin E

Products listed on this page are affiliate links. Guided Fertility only recommends carefully screened products that meet industry standards, FDA requirements, and are backed by fertility doctors.

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