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About Guided Fertility

Whether you are attempting to get pregnant naturally or considering fertility treatment, Guided Fertility can be your adaptable resource.

Guided Gertility | Virtual Fertility Consultations
Virtual Fertility Consultations | Fertility Products

Guided Fertility™ is a virtual consultation and resource that simplifies the process of navigating fertility. We recognize the individuality of everyone's journey to parenthood, so we offer customized support to assist you in making informed decisions. 

Guided Fertility™ advocates for reproductive choices for everyone.  Regardless of background, marital status, gender, or sexual orientation.  Our resources can help you navigate the complicated landscape of third-party reproduction. 

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Fertility Services

Optimize your Fertility Potential
 Expert virtual guidance from a clinical consultant in the comfort of your home 

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One-to-one video sessions customized to your needs
Reproductive Hormone Monitor with Cell Phone App
In-depth analysis of hormonal fluctuations based on menstrual patterns in regular and irregular cycles
Cover of fertility guide book
Comprehensive e-booklets that outlines simple interventions to enhance pregnancy changes.
Fertility Hormone Injection Services
Hormone injection services offered to Nassau County, NY residents only
Access helpful fertility resources - from trusted websites to insightful books - that can guide and support you on your path to parenthood.

Fertility products at a discounted cost

Home Fertility Testing Devices

Mira Ovulation Monitor

Home ovulation monitoring is convenient and can provide crucial insight into your fertility health. Guided Fertility™ recommends using ovulation prediction devices that are: 1. FDA approved/listed 2. Provide digital options that test for key hormones and sync to smartphone apps. 3. Identifies ovulation and fertile window: which enhances your chances of conception by pinpointing a broader date range to have intercourse. Please click on the image above for a list of recommended devices that meet this criteria.

Bird and Be At Home Sperm Test Kit

Fifty percent of infertility problems come from issues with men’s reproductive health.  Sperm quality (quantity, movement, and shape), hormones, and reproductive physiology play a role. Guided Fertility™ promotes home sperm tests that are: 1. Convenient: done at home with semen sample 2. Private: results sent to your smartphone (Do not have to mail in sample). 3. Quick: results in 20 minutes 4. FDA-approved and backed by doctors Please click on the image above for recommended sperm testing kits that meet this criteria.

Thorne Fertility Supplements Including Prenatal Vitamin, DHA, and Folate

The American Pregnancy Association recommends starting a prenatal vitamin at least three months to one year before having a baby.  Nutrient stores take anywhere between 2-6 months to adequately build up in your system.  Guided Fertility™ recommends prenatal vitamins that contain additional nutrients that can help promote fertility by: 1. Improving egg quality 2. Promoting embryo implantation 3. Balancing estrogen levels Please click on the image above for a list of recommended supplements that meet this criteria.

Beli Men's Fertility Supplement

Men can improve their sperm health through adequate diet and supplements. Men’s fertility supplements are ideal for men who meet the following criteria: 1. Over the age of 30 and trying to conceive 2. Trying for over six months 3. Supported by a fertility clinic Please click on the image above for recommended men's fertility supplement.

Cover of Fertility Nutrition Book

Arm yourself with crucial fertility knowledge by reading our recommended books written by clinical, holistic, and integrative fertility expert.

Vitamin D Home Testing Kit

Get answers to your nutrient and hormonal status with vital tests that impact fertility. Your results will be reviewed by an independent, board-certified physician. Once you’ve sent your samples to the lab, after 8-10 business days you will receive your results with meaningful insights and personalized recommendations to promote your health and wellness.

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Partner with Guided Fertility™, LLC

Work team meeting

Adding our fertility consultation service to your wellness program enhances your employee benefits package, setting you apart as an employer who genuinely cares about the diverse needs of its workforce. This attracts top talent, boosts employee morale, and strengthens your employer brand, leading to increased employee retention and loyalty. Find out more about why your company should partner with Guided Fertility™, LLC.

Health Plans
By incorporating our virtual fertility consultation services into your health plan, you'll be offering a unique and valuable resource to your members. Empower them to make informed decisions, optimize their fertility potential, and receive the holistic support they deserve on their journey to parenthood.  For more information on how health plans can partner with Guided Fertility™, LLC click here. 

Employee Wellness Programs
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Referral Network
Guided Fertility™, LLC is seeking a diverse group of fertility practitioners with conventional and functional backgrounds.  If you provider fertility services and would like to join our referral network, click here. 


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