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Fertility Products

Guided Fertility™ evaluated the preconception products on this page  based on the following criteria:

  1. FDA approval / FDA listed (Ovulation Prediction Devices, Sperm Test Kits, Home Insemination Kits)

  2. Third-party verification for strength, purity, and accuracy (Prenatal Vitamins)

  3. Quality combination of essential nutrients to promote sperm health (Mens Fertility Supplements)

  4. All products backed by and/or developed by fertility doctors

  5. Unbiased customer reviews (based on feedback not linked to the product website)


Based on extensive research, below are our top recommendations:


Cover of Fertility Hormone Book
Cover of Fertility Nutrition Book
Cover of Fertility Treatment Book

Hormone regulation is critical for normalizing menstrual cycles and achieving pregnancy. Learn about reproductive hormones and tackling conditions such as estrogen dominance and luteal phase defects.  Gain fertility-promoting techniques for addressing underlying conditions (PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles) and practical strategies to optimize men’s fertility.

Functional nutrition targets specific foods that promote wellness and create optimal health. Fertility-promoting foods can address various nutritional needs and enhance the chances of getting pregnant. Learn about specific nutrients to promote egg quality, embryo implantation, uterine lining thickness, ovarian reserve, oxidative stress reduction, hormonal balance, and ovulation.

If your timeline to start a family is compromised, learn about treatment options, including how to screen and find a fertility doctor based on objective data, how to prepare for your first fertility appointment, and the difference in outcomes for common procedures such as  IVF and IUI.

Sperm Kit

Fertility Prediction Devices

Ovulation Prediction

Mira Ovulation Monitor

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Perks of Using Mira Max Starter Kit

  • Ideal for women suffering from PCOS or irregular cycles

  • Identifies ovulation and fertile window: enhances your chances of conception by pinpointing a wider date range to have intercourse

  • Tracks four (4) cycle hormones:

    1. FSH

    2. E3G (estrogen marker)

    3. LH

    4. PdG (progesterone marker)

  • Results synch to app: get hormones scores and highly accurate, personalized, information

Sperm Test Kit

Bird & Be At Home Sperm Test 

Bird and Be At Home Sperm Test Kit

What The Sperm Test Offers

  1. Convenient: Done at home with semen sample

  2. Private: results sent to your smartphone (Do not have to mail in sample).

  3. Quick: results in 20 minutes

  4. Provides the amount of sperm and how many are moving

  5. Video of your moving sperm, which can be shared with your doctor or kept private

  6. Two tests so can measure results after three months to see if supplements work

  7. FDA-approved and backed by doctors

Mens Supplement

Beli Prenatal Vitamins

Beli Men's Supplements

Following a good diet is essential when trying to get pregnant.  Most fertility nutritionists recommend a food-first approach when it comes to getting vital nutrients. However, adequate amounts of key nutrients, such as folate and Vitamin D, are had to obtain through food alone. Prenatal vitamins help supplement your diet with crucial added nutrition. The American Pregnancy Association recommends starting a prenatal vitamin at least three months to one year before having a baby.  Nutrient stores take anywhere between 2-6 months to adequately build up in your system. The Mayo Clinic states it is a good idea for women of reproductive age to take prenatal vitamin daily.

Male infertility accounts for 50% of infertility issues in couples. Prioritizing men's fertility health is a crucial aspect of family planning and ensuring a healthy start for future generations. Attempting to improve sperm parameters may enhance the chances of fertilization with IVF or natural conception.  By adopting a proactive approach towards their health, men can positively impact fertility outcomes and contribute to the overall well-being of their partners and children.  Men can improve their sperm parameters, including sperm count, movement, and shape, through multiple measures.  This includes incorporating a good exercise routine, eating nutrient-dense foods, and taking fertility-tailored supplements.

Many prenatal vitamins contain additional nutrients that can help promote fertility by:

  1. Improves egg quality

  2. Promotes embryo implantation

  3. Balances estrogen levels

Men’s fertility supplements are ideal for men who meet the following criteria:


1. Age 30 or over and trying to conceive

2. Trying for over six months

3. Supported by a fertility clinic

What the Beli Prenatal Offers

  1. High quality non-GMO ingredients

  2. Dairy-free and gluten-free

  3. Vegan friendly bioavailable (ready-to-absorb) ingredients

  4. Optimal doses to boost egg quality, embryo development, hormone regulation:

  • Vitamins B6, B12:  promotes ovulation

  • Vitamin C: may reduce chance of miscarriage

  • Vitamin D: supports embryo implantation

  • Vitamin E: boosts egg quality, balances estrogen, and promotes healthy endometrial lining

  • Vitamin K2: assists in estrogen and progesterone production

  • Methyl Folate: absorbable form of folic acid, improves egg quality, and increases chances of conception

  • Chromium: improves fertility in women with PCOS

  • Zinc: supports reproductive hormones

  • Choline: ideal dose for neural tube development

Beli Vitality Multivitamin for Men

BeliMen vitality supplement

What BeliMen Vitality Offers:

Key ingredients in optimal doses that improve sperm parameters:

  1. Fertility booster with Shilajit, CoQ10, and Folate

  2. ​Improves sperm motility with Vitamin C, zinc and N-acetyl-L-cysteine ​

  3. Promotes optimal sperm count with Vitamin B12 and L-Taurine

  4. Optimizes sperm and egg fusion with Vitamin D and Vitamin E

Thorne Supplements

In order to get a professional discount for Thorne please complete the following steps:


1.Create an account: click here

2. Enter Jessica Joseph in professional connection

3. A 10-20% discount will automatically be applied at checkout

This trio includes a comprehensive prenatal vitamin, DHA, and folate in the form of 5-MTHF (1 mg) to promote fertility in women.

Nutritional support  for women with PCOS in the form of inositol (as myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol). 

An important nutrient for mitochondrial function and cellular energy production, CoQ10 promotes egg quality.

Adequate vitamin D levels of over 40ng/mL  enhances pregnancy chances and reduce miscarriage rates.


Below are recommended at-home test kits.  Gain insight on your fertility status and barriers that impact getting pregnant, with the convenience of not going to an office or lab.  After testing, results will be reviewed by a board-certified physician and sent to you in 8-10 business days along with recommendations. 

In order to get a professional discount for Thorne please complete the following steps:


1.Create an account: click here

2. Enter Jessica Joseph in professional connection

3. A 10-20% discount will automatically be applied at checkout

Using blood and saliva, this convenient home testing kit measures critical values, including reproductive hormones, thyroid hormones, and adrenal hormones.  

Find out levels of your thyroid biomarkers, including TSH, Triiodothyronine (T3), Thyroxine (T4), and Thyroperoxidase Antibodies (TPOAbs).  Underling autoimmune and inflammatory conditions can impact fertility and are not always detected.

Adequate vitamin D levels has been critically linked to positive pregnancy outcomes.  Deficiency in Vitamin D has been linked to embryo implantation failure and miscarriages.

Kit includes an arsenal of testing, including HbA1c (an important marker for diabetes and insulin resistance), Vitamin D,  thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive hormones.

Home Insemination Kit

Mosie Baby Home Insemination Kit

Mosie Baby Home Insemination Kit_edited.

What Mosie Baby Offers:

  • First and only FDA cleared at home sperm insemination kit

  • Designed by a fertility specialist

  • Includes two kits for two attempts  

  • Patented syringe for intravaginal insemination

  • Can be used with fresh or frozen sperm

  • Click here to visit there website and learn more

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