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Custom Sessions

Mira Hormone Assessment 

Hormone Evaluation Consultation

Jessica is skilled at interpreting Mira reports, and will provide:

  • In-depth analysis of hormonal fluctuations

  • Assess menstrual patterns in regular and irregular cycles

  • Provide insight as to mild hormonal variations in cycles

  • Holistic interventions to help regulate cycles

  • Recommend if further evaluation with a specialist is  warranted

45 min. session: $75

3 session: $215

Preconception Plan

Pregnancy Promotion  Consultation

Jessica uses an integrative approach to help clients increase chances of pregnancy by incorporating critical lifestyle modifications including

  • Functional nutrition plan customized to underlying conditions 

  • Correct supplement to take with effective ODI dosing

  • Devising a realistic exercise regimen adapted to your lifestyle 

  • Effective alternative medicine practices for fertility

  • Guidance towards reliable fertility tools that assist conception

45 min. session: $90

1 hour session:  $120

Fertility Options

Fertility Treatment Consultation: IVF and IUI

Jessica has over a decade of fertility nursing experience and is well versed in conventional and alternative treatments including IVF, IUI, and third-party reproduction (sperm and egg donation, gestational surrogacy).  She can provide guidance which includes:

  • Tips to prepare for your fertility consultation

  • Cycle expectations (IUI vs. IVF)

  • Diagnostic Screening

  • Hormone injection overview (stim process)

  • Recruitment and screening process for sperm and egg donors, and gestational surrogates

45 min. session: $90

1 hour session:  $120

Fertility Consultant 

Jessica Joseph, RN, BSN, MHA

Professional photo of Jessica Joseph, RN, BSN, MHA

License and Degrees

  • RN License (NYS)

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, SUNY Delhi

  • Masters in Health Administration, Hofstra University


  • ASRM Certification in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI-RN)

  • Marquette Model Certification in Natural Family Planning (NFP)

  • ANCC Certification in Integrative Health and Functional Nutrition

If you are not sure which session is most appropriate for you, or would like more information please email Guided Fertility, LLC to schedule a 1:1 complimentary connection call with Jessica Joseph, RN, BSN, MHA.  

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